Somebody had to think of it: Print-on-demand gaining a bit more traction? Qoop (currently in soft-launch) will let weblog publishers offer their blog archives as nicely printed and bound books. Birdhouse customer John Battelle is giving it a shot, offering up his Searchblog in print form.

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  1. On the face of it – you’re right, it was only a matter of time. Yet, I’m also struck with a sense of “well, whaddya know?”. My eyes almost rolled with the acknowledgement that blogs tend to be an ego thing, yet I caught myself in thinking:

    a. There are a number of sites that are run in a blog-fashion, yet offer a tremendous amount of useful information (like some of the popular political blogs) – which could actually stand in pretty good stead to have a hard-copy version.

    b. Hard-copy archival! Lord knows, the internet memory-hole (or the ease of re-writting history on the ‘net, even with the utility of Google’s cache moving against such efforts) gives good reason…

    Who knows? I’m curious to see how this goes! :-)

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