Fribilty Jones

In the newsgroup alt.os.linux.redhat lives a current thread titled “OsX compared to Linux and BeOS” (gratuitously x-posted to a handful of other OS groups) — a fairly typical bottomless OS war, er, reasoned discussion, either fascinating or tedious depending on your disposition.

First of all, I’m floored that anyone in the universe is asking whether BeOS is a viable alternative four years after the company bit the dust. That’s funny bit #1. But this excerpt had me rolling:

>>> is there anyone who knows OS X and Linux well who can
>>> make an honest and reasoned comparison of the two?

>> Scot Hacker?

> Fribilty Jones.

So that’s what it’s come to. Get a job, have a baby, fade from the OS scene, and before you know it, you may as well be Fribilty Jones. Less than zero. Dang, it rolls off the tongue nicely though. Fribilty Jones. Fribilty Jones. Fribilty Jones. Must … create … pseudonym …

Thanks mneptok.

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6 Replies to “Fribilty Jones”

  1. Hmm. But google does not have any result for “friability jones” (with the quotes) either. I guess it would have one if it had picked up this page yet.
    Sorry for being thick but I’m still not getting the joke at all :(


  2. Fribilty,

    I’m not even 100% sure of how to pronounce your new name, but it had me laughing for a good 10 minutes yesterday.


  3. Scot, you have always been Fribility to me :) And yes it is pretty funny… What I find sad is not that BeOS is still mentioned, and that folks come and go in the BeOS community as it is, but that folks simply think that BeOS is worth the time to investigate. People hate Linux and OSX and Windows and BeOS still offers them an alternative. To me, that is funny. Its sad, after all these years (what, 4 now) that you have given up on BeOS, that you had to get a ‘job’. I was hoping, and praying that you would have dented the OSX markets with your prose, whit and insite.

    BTW, how’s the kid? Gonna have another? The world needs more quality kids. Please procreate and offset Utah clan’s invasion.

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