False Authority Syndrome

This has been up for years, but it’s new to me. Turns out that Mr. Ed the Talking Horse (“I didn’t go to college, but I’m not stupid!”) was in fact played by a zebra. Due to peculiarities in the way black-and-white film works under studio lights, his stripes were nearly invisible. And because zebras are smaller than horses, the producers had to construct special sets to elevate him to horse-height.

Seems almost unbelievable, but no less an authority than Snopes.com has the dirt. Snopes’ does such a great service to the Internet dispelling the endless rumors and half-truths that float around, they should get some kind of award. They always do good homework. Some good ancillary information at the bottom of that page too.

And once again, I’m amazed by the accidental thematic connection between the titles of songs I’m currently listening to and whatever I’m writing about at the moment.

Thanks Mal and Mark

Music: John Coltrane :: Good Bait

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  1. My faith in Snopes was on shaky ground until I went in search of More Information. Thanks for the ride.

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