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  1. Yikes! I thought “low wattage soldering iron, low power microscope and no caffeine for a week prior” when I saw those ;) Surely not worth it for the tiny clock speed gain, unless you already have the specialized equip and skills, and just enjoy doing stuff like this.

  2. Going through some of your old posts and ran across this. I followed the instructions from the same guy on overclocking an eMac.

    It was a hairy experience (sloppy solder made for a lot of stress for a bit), but my sagging 800mhz turned to a spritely 1.27ghz. A new 7200rpm hd and a DVD-+RW makes this this workhorse again.

    When the monitor goes, I will looking into the headless eMac he’s working on.

    And yes those resistors are _very_ small.

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