Oregon Buddhist Vihara

Birdhouse Hosting welcomes vihara.us, home to the Oregon Buddhist Vihara, a community of Sri Lankan monks serving the Portland, OR area. Also home of the Venerable Pallebage Chandrasiri Thero, Chief Sangha Nayake for North America.

vihara.us is administered by birdhouse co-pilot Kurt von Finck, who serves on the Vihara’s board of directors.

Music: Orchestra Baobab :: Ngalam

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  1. This year the Sanghata Foundation, which is affiliated with Friends of the Dhamma here in Portland, OR, hopes to sponsor a rains retreat for 2 monks from the Abayaghiri Monastery in California. The retreat has been scheduled for July 28 to October 21.

    We’re looking for people (male), who might be interesting as serving as their steward for all or part of that time.
    Some experience with the Abhayagiri Monastery in California would be ideal.

    If there are members of your community who might be interested, they could contact me.

    Thank you,
    Stephanie Potter

    email: spottalot@earthlink.net
    phone: 503-731-0470.

    P.S. We have an offer for unimproved land; but we are also still open to finding forested land that already has structures on it.

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