Mad Scientist

We’re scrambling to leave the house this morning, and the phone rings. I take the call on my shoulder, while pulling on shoes, then hear Miles in the kitchen: “Mommmm-eeee, heeelllp!” Mommy’s indisposed, better investigate. I hop in on one foot. The mad scientist is holding a coffee drip cone (the plastic kind with holes along the bottom) up to the filtered water dispenser that sits on the kitchen counter. He’s opened the valve but doesn’t know how to close it. Water is overflowing the cone, pouring out the holes, and running down his arm into his shirt. A gallon of water covers the kitchen floor.

… and I know we’re genetically linked because yesterday while we were out “playing soccer” he circled the bases of the baseball diamond backwards.

Yup, that’s my boy!

Music: Orchestra Baobab :: Sibou Odia

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  1. Hee hee…that’s hilarious, and not nearly as heart-stopping as the ladder story ;)

    When my son was about 9 or 10 months old, I came home from work one day, saw my smiling, happy baby on the floor, picked him up & held him in front of me to say “hi.” He hurled all over the front of my shirt and then grinned even bigger (the cool, very limited edition AppleCare polo I got for being a Filemaker phone support droid several years earlier).

    Calmly set him down and proceeded to step fully clothed into the shower to rinse off, while my wife laughed hysterically…

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