On the Pooter

If you have or know a 2- or 3-year-old, you know all about Thomas the Tank Engine and friends (first site I’ve seen that renders right in Safari, wrong in FireFox). Miles is obsessed, is learning all their names. This morning he held up a colorform of a little red engine and asked “Who this one?” We didn’t know. Amy asked him, “How can we find out?” Without missing a beat, Miles responded, “On the pooter.”

At age two, he already understands that the computer is not just a place we go to play PBS games or to look at images and movies, but is a thing that has answers to questions. In his two-year-old way, he understands that it’s a research tool. That, to me, is amazing. What a different world he has been born into.

Music: Blind Lemon Jefferson :: Rabbit Foot Blues

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  1. zoe did the same thing at just around two. We had been teaching her that you can “look things up” when you didn’t know; we asked her how we could find something out one day. She said “Google” and pointed at the computer.

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