MySQL on SunOS

Had the opportunity today to install MySQL from source on a rather old SunOS (pre-Solaris) server for another department on campus. Kind of whacky – the gods in that department can’t or won’t support a centralized database on the box, so individual groups have to set up their own installations on separate ports with separate sockets… Absurd. A few sticky spots, but it’s working. Good learning experience, and a good opportunity to put lessons from the Admin class (which was also a Solaris class) to work.

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  1. Ludovic, no :

    for another department on campus

    I have no control over the server other than temporary access to one account, don’t even know its admin. I only know that the person I did this job for received permission to perform a localized installation of MySQL.

  2. So glad I could provide a noteworthy experience, though I can’t believe that’s what we had to do. Thanks a bunch! It’s still running, I think. I’ve found alternate hosting arrangements ( for the wiki I’ll need to set up for another site, just to avoid having to do that again…

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