Cross Your Heart

Driving through the hills above El Cerrito yesterday, trying to get Miles to fall asleep. Mostly posh neighborhoods up there, great views, but every now and then you hit a trashy patch. Suddenly I found myself stopped in the middle of the street in front of a house with a half-rebuilt Mustang in the driveway, a washing machine rotting in the front yard. Staring at a 4′ x 6′ scrap of plywood propped up in the front yard, on which was painted (in a somewhat shaky hand):


One of those moments I curse myself for not keeping a camera on me at all times.

Music: Rickie Lee Jones :: The Last Chance Texaco

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  1. Well, you could always get a cell phone with a camera in it. Amazon/T-Mobile will actually pay you to take one:

    I have a few friends with T610’s; they’re really happy with them. T-Mobile has great coverage, and the rebate money will buy you a Jabra Blootoof headset:

    I couldn’t use my cell phone without my headset. And like my T68i, the T610 synchs with Address Book and iCal via Blootoof.

    Synchs wirelessly with your Mac. Grabs your contacts out of Address Book and calendar from iCal. And you’ll be paid to take it.

    Well worth it.

  2. Hey mnep – we do have Verizon camera phones, and I do post images from mine here ocassionally. But the image quality is so poor that it’s seldom worth anything more than a thumbnail (which is how they’re designed to be viewed). There’s enough resolution for an OK web image, but between the crappy CCD and the crappy plastic lens, it leaves way too much to be desired. Some phones take better pix than others, but I haven’t seen anything yet I’m happy with. Maybe a year or two from now.

  3. We’ve had great luck getting Clara to sleep by playing Bach’s Cello Suites, performed by Yo Yo Ma — it’s a double CD that came out a few years ago in conjunction with a TV series he did. It’s just Yo Yo Ma’s cello–nothing else. Gorgeous, rich, complex, deep, and soaring music — and incredibly soporific for little ones.

  4. “One of those moments I curse myself for not keeping a camera on me at all times.”

    I hear ya there, brother. I always find myself in that position (although I’d be hard-pressed to think of a situation in which I found something nearly as amusing as you did).

  5. Dylan, thanks for the Yo Yo recommendation. No CD player in Miles’ room yet, but we’ve considered it. Fortunately we haven’t had to drive him around to get him to sleep many times, but he’s starting that transition to shorter, and ultimately to no naps (argh!) and are willing to try new techniques. Maybe we should get a little CD player for his room.

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