Little People Sweet Sounds

Miles is way into Fisher Price’s “Little People” series — the videos, the garage, the farm, the little figures with big hands holding useful things like wrenches and pitchforks. Amy was looking into the Little People Sweet Sounds Home, and found this in the Amazon customer reviews:

… WHY is the mom of the house holding a baby bottle and has a burp cloth over her shoulder and the dad has a permanent cell phone in his hand?!?!?!!? … Why isn’t the DAD holding a bottle? Is he too busy on the phone with his clients to help with the baby? What happens when mom goes back to work and she has a burp cloth stuck on her shoulder? It might be hard to trade stocks on Wall Street when you have a bottle permanently affixed to your hand. …

Yeah, uh, that would be a problem.

Music: Jean Bosco Mwenda :: Mbele Ya Kuina

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