Riverside’s Steam Tunnels


Several good panels today. Berkeley took the Gold in the Sauter Awards for their Minimum Security Standards for Networked Devices (now I have policy to back up my goal of shutting down vanilla FTP for good). Saw a great demo of using video polycom devices in combination with IP-based desktop control software to deal with overcrowded classrooms, letting one instructor teach in two or more classrooms at once. Got to see up-close just how complex the campus WiFi networks really are (holy crap!). But the highlight of the day was the after-lunch tour of UC Riverside’s underground steam tunnels (phonecam image). Berkeley has these too, but I never thought I’d get to voyage through them. A trip to see the antique and the new side by side — steam for heating, briney chilled condensation on the return trip for cooling, and sparkling new harnesses of fiber optic cable snaking alongside.

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  1. I used to travel Yale’s steam tunnels whilst an employee. Often the shortest route, and in New England winters, certainly the warmest.

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