In balmy Orange County for the next few days, attending the UC-wide Computing Services Conference. Shocked on arrival, expecting to pick up a quick shuttle from the airport to UC Riverside, only to discover the cheapest ride I could find was a $70 shuttle! No trains in the land where automobiles rule, and a series of buses would not have gotten me there in time. Hoping to find people to ride-share on the way back.

Drove miles through a desert pocked with strip malls and auto-body specialists, then suddenly we’re in the middle of an oasis. Downtown Riverside is really sweet, centered around the old mission. The Mission Inn is stunningly beautiful. Opening night at the California Museum of Photography, original pieces by Harold Edgerton, William Wegman, William Eggleston, many more. Largest archive of turn-of-century stereoscopic images in the world, and an immense collection of period cameras and related gear. Watched the sun set upside down from the dark innards of a camera obscura.

Tomorrow, the geekery begins.

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  1. I had the misfortune to live in Riverside for three years. You may have your plans all slated, but if not, here’s some food and drink recommendations:

    Perhaps the best Indian food in all of Southern California is (for some reason) not far from UC Riverside in Colton. It’s called Ravi’s. Go!

    If someone has a car and wants to go Thai, try Rama Garden in Redlands.

    For something closer to the University that you could get to and be back from within a lunch break, there’s Romano’s (Italian) in the Canyon Crest shopping center.

    Also, the Mexican restaurant at the Mission Inn, Las Casuelas is good, especially if the weather is nice in the evening, as there’s outdoor seating. BIG margaritas, but I think they make them with a machine…

    But if you just need a beer and can only walk from campus, then walk over to the Getaway Cafe. And for a bar, their calzones and pizzas aren’t bad.


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