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Most threads die almost immediately after scrolling from the bottom of this page. But every now and then, a post develops a spunky afterlife via Google searches on some topic or other.

Last February I posted about my delight at discovering the utterly surreal and imaginative children’s show Boobah. It never crossed my mind that the show was so creatively produced that it would inadvertently inflame the senses of fundamentalists and nutjobs across America. There’s nothing even vaguely religious or sinful about the show, but something in it seems almost to offend the rigidly minded. The thread there is fairly long, but a comment received from “Learell” tonight was so over the top loopy I just had to share. Dude performs a truly paranoid semantic breakdown of the playful opening Boobah chant, finding in it connections to zombies, evil spirits, and supernatural powers.

The chant says a few different words including, “Humbah”, “Zumbah”, “Jumbah”, and “Booh”. This may freak some people out and then others may think it is nothing more than a coincidence. The word “Humbah” is very closely related to the word “Humbaba” which means, “river of the dead”. The word “Zumbah” is very closely related to the word “Zombi” which means “supernatural power that may enter & reanimate a dead body”. … My child will not watch this show and until PBS investigates and monitors its programming more carefully, PBS will be blocked from my TV. I think others should join me. We wonder why our kids love games and movies that promote violence and killing. I believe it starts here.

The mind reels.

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  1. I would think it was a prank, but then I realize the amount of thought and effort to go into such a prank would be the characteristic of a mentally ill person.

    You know, “birdhouse” sounds very similar to “turdhouse” if chanted repeatedly in a paded room.

  2. Ah, so pronouncing it “turdhouse” is a sign of mental illness! That explains a lot about my boss, who also pronounces it that way.

  3. You know, the mind does reel. In my current position as public whipping bo… I mean, customer support… I’ve found that my employer tends to be fairly popular with the “enthusiastically religious”.

    I actually got an email from a guy who threw a coniption fit about how one in maybe 50 images that randomly cycle through on a refresh of the main page of our website had the picture of a naked man (from behind). And the thing is, he was so small and insignificant in the overall panorama of Greenland (I think), he must have had a magnifying glass over his 640×480 resolution monitor. Anyway, this guy said that if we didn’t remove the image immediately that he was going to forever boycott our products because it sends a bad message to children like his daughter.

    After getting prior approval, my reply was something to the effect of:

    Thanks for sharing. While we completely respect your point of view, we, humbly disagree. We certainly don’t want to lose you as a customer over this, but understand your decision in no longer supporting our brand.

    Keep in mind that my employer is in the outdoor industry (camping and climbing stuff) – a fairly leftish industry. Sure, there’s always a rightish cross-over in the hunting realm, but we do not directly support or advertise to that audience by any stretch of the imagination.

  4. Dude Boobah is like one of the greastest shows i have ever seen in my life. it is so freeky, like it hypnotizez you. its hilarious to. i need a bobah poster or something because i cant find a screensaver for it *sniffle*………oddly though i dont think its that much of a baby show, more like teens i say.

  5. In my opinion Boobah is one of the most pleasant, least inoffensive things on TV. In fact I stop work to watch it ( at the tender age of 57). Maybe your correspondent doesn’t use the word six ‘cos its awfully like sex or say thank you in case its taken as an offer to masturbate the hearer.

  6. We’re watching right now & my husband says the Boohbah look like a phalic symbol, sometimes ejaculating…I have to admit I agree…my kids do love them though.

  7. You think you attract nutjobs? I’m the number one hit on Google for Naked Boobah. I can’t even begin to imagine who’s doing that search again and again.

  8. Hi folks – Sorry to do this, but it’s time to close this thread. I think all opinions have been adequately expressed at this point, and this is veering off into a general discussion about religion and respect. Which is fine, but has little to do with the insane notion that Boobah could be bad for kids or contains anything that could even be remotely construed as anti-religious or anti-christian.

    I’m closing down the Boobah Nutjobs thread at the same time ( ).



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