e-i-e-i … hop hop!

eieio In the middle of a rousing round of “Old MacDonald” tonight, Miles surprised us with a joke, substituting the “O” in “e-i-e-i-o” with… whatever other words from his wee vocabulary he could think of. Legend: “Ucky” = pacifier, derived from “Nucky,” which means Nuk. “Hop hop” is multi-purpose noun standing in for all hopping creatures (frog, cricket, kangaroo, and, most frequently, bunny). By extension, it also means carrot. “Poo poo” means poo-poo, which derives from “poo-poo.”

7 Replies to “e-i-e-i … hop hop!”

  1. He’s adorable and incredi-awesome! Cute and clever at the same time, what a great kid.

  2. Ummm…the world is littered with cute kids…so this one can say poo poo…big deal…u really shoulda helped him outa the cat door rather than film him….

  3. That’s so cool.. I wish my first joke was captured on video. Not bad, either. What a great laugh and smile.

    You rock, Miles.

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