User Spam Preferences

Over the past few evenings, set up WebUserPrefs on birdhouse hosting to allow users to configure their own SpamAssassin sensitivity thresholds as well as whitelists/blacklists. In the process, ended up contributing my bug fixes and new features back to both WebUserPrefs and the Communigate Pro plugin for it.

Birdhouse has deleted 84,982 spams for 40 mail users in the past 7 days alone. Now up to 98-99% spam blockage for users with filters on stun. One of our power users receives 13,000 spams per week to a single user account. The vast majority of them were to made-up names on the domain; rejecting mail to unknown names brought that down to around 1,000. Satisfying progress.

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  1. Here at the university that I work, we had to start calling them “likelists/badlists” because some “customer” kept complaining that the other terms were “racially charged”.

    Did I mention that I hate people?

  2. SpamAssassin rocks. My ISP won’t delete any mail, just tags it with the spam score.

    I wrote a quick and dirty java app which gets only the headers, and deletes those msgs above a threshold. Saves me downloading 90-95% of the crap I get.

  3. A total breath of fresh air…I didn’t realise spam filtering could be THIS effective… THANKS!

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