Temple City Kazoo Orchesta

Chill day. Regroup , hang out do laundry.

A prevalence of speakers mounted on top of cars driving around announcing upcoming concerts etc. in a funky patois. Why did this practice disappear in the States? Last I saw it was in John Waters’ “Polyester.”

On Jack Spratt beach, used free kayak. But babies in and pushed them around in the surf (small waves — there are no waves to speak of in Jamaica due to all the reefs). Later, I paddled out in a rainstorm – warm water warm rain fallling on me. Paddled up coast a bit to see our villa from the sea. Little did I know that as I was waving like a fool, Roger was in pain – he had just cut his toe jagged on a barnacle or rock beneath the surface. Needed betadyne and neosporin, as did abrasion I had acquired days previous which was now becoming infected and swollen. Was able to contain it wo oral antibiotics, and Roger’s healed up fine as well.

Finally checked email on computer in lobby of Jake’s – culture clash being in the middle of lo-tech Jamaica and suddenly seeing all the hijinks going down on birdhouse — comment spammers going wild – cant wait for TypeKey to solve the damn comment spam problem for good. Kurt von Finck is my backup sysadmin and has been doing a tremendous job keeping the coyotes at bay.

Rog and me enjoying eves after babes asleep in chairs on cliff listening to waves crash, drinking Red Stripe and rum punch, talking about music politics old girlfriends and world travel. We have a lot of overlap in musical tastes past and present but found a truly amazing coincidence — both of us had copies of the “Temple City Kazoo Orchesta” (bottom of page) in teen years, both wish we could find it again. Imagine a cover of Zep’s “Whole Lotta Love” played by a dozen or so kazoos. On colored vinyl.

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