Amelia can’t say “Carribean” but she can say “Carrot” and “Bean” so Roger and Paula have been trying to get her to refer to the sea as the “Carrot Bean.” Almost successful!

Morning swim, then off to Montego Bay. Rainy drive up the coast. Man walking naked up the road flapping in breeze – a madman, our driver tells us. School kids on road walking home in uniform seemingly immune to crazy traffic all around.

Arrived in Mobay at Clarissa Benett’s house (Polvista) — off the map up completely broken road. But house is incredible – flora and deep blue pool (w almost no chlorine – so pure) and waterfall. Tucked into hills high above Mobay w incredible vista. Ships pull into harbor planes glide in and out of the horizon.

In the evening a moth with a six-inch wingspan collided with my head in the near darkness. Didn’t believe my own senses, thought it must have been something else, but then saw lots of them silhouetted against the streetlight, like floppy jamaican bats. Next evening learned from a waiter that it probably was a bat after all – “rat bats” he called them.

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