Baby Birds

After chopping down a tree/bush thing today, we found a bird’s nest and put it aside. We thought it was sweet. Then I went to rent a truck. I returned to find Amy crying. She had found four tiny baby birds on the grass — they had been cast from the nest to the ground when the tree came down. No bigger than thumbs, and half that length. Two were dead, the other two were begging with their tiny soft beaks for food. Pink skin and tiny tufts of hair. Amy cut up a worm and put it in the nest with them, but they didn’t eat it – they needed to be regurgitated to. Brand new to the world, and already their fate seemed sealed. We could only imagine what the mother bird would think when she returned to find not only the nest gone, but the whole tree. She probably went crazy with confusion and grief. Poor innocent things.

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  1. Scott,

    See if there are any wildlife rescue organizations in your area. Even birds that young can be “saved” if they get the proper care quickly. Next time you find a baby bird, put it in a shoebox and get it as quickly as possible to the rescue facility.

    Don’t even try feeding them yourself. Baby birds actually require quite a complex diet. I used to volunteer at a wildlife rescue facility and had to mix up the diets every morning for all the various baby birds. They require feeding every 15 minutes throughout the day.

    — Vic

  2. Eek! The infidels have occupied our land, smashed our house, and killed our children! There is no where to hide. Tweet! Must migrate…

  3. Doesn’t it feel horrible to try and sympathize with ‘dumb’ animals? Trying to imagine the combination of confusion and loss and fear of a creature that does understand mammalian attachment-bonds, place, and a little bit of time, but doesn’t really get everything you and I know we get, like the knowledge that pain heals over time…makes me shudder.

    Poor little birdies. Sorry you guys had to watch all that happen.

  4. how about “sorry they didn’t think to inspect a tree they intend to fell”?

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