Webcast Week at the J-School

Dean Schell and the J-School profs are driving a mad events schedule lately, and I’m part of the frenzy, webcasting a ton of good ones in the coming week. Install QuickTime 6 (because we’re using the 3ivx codec now) and tune in. I try to get archives online 24-48 hours after the live cast; yesterday’s Changing World Views of the U.S. is already up. Here are a few of the events I expect to be especially worth checking out:

April 27: Biotech & Nanotech – Remaking Nature in the Image of Technology

April 29: Living With The Genie — On Technology and the Quest for Human Mastery, with Ray Kurzweil (by videoconference) and others.

April 30: Revisiting Virtual Communities — The Internet’s Impact on Society and Politics. With Craig Newmark, founder of craigslist and others.

April 30: Disrupting the News Industry – Media Concentration and Participatory Journalism. With Dan Gillmor of The San Jose Mercury News, and others.

April 30 and 31: China’s Digital Future — Advancing The Understanding of China’s Information Revolution. With Lawrence Lessig, John Gage, and others.

Music: Johnny Mercer and The Pied Pipers :: My Sugar Is So Refined

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