Spam King Clothing

In news almost too post-modern to digest, Scott Richter, the Internet’s third-busiest spammer, has decided that his spammy brand has become recognizable enough to be marketable in its own right. To capitalize, he’s launching a line of SpamKing clothing — initially shirts, hats, and panties bearing phrases such as “Just opt out” and “Click it.” You can take a wild flying guess how he’ll be promoting the line. Adding an additional layer to the strangeness, Richter is not generally referred to as “The Spam King” — that honor usually goes either to Bill Waggoner or Alan Ralsky, or, going farther back, Sanford Wallace. So he’s apparently usurping the title from his fellow spammers.

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  1. It’s just too bad Mr. Richter didn’t fully think things through before making this announcement.

    I’m the very proud owner of both and :)

    Currently, they both redirect to the

    -Greg Chetcuti

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