Songs for the 21st Century

As if it weren’t enough to have written the theme song to Superchicken (“You knew the job was dangerous when you took it, Fred”), Sheldon Allman also wrote the theme songs to George of the Jungle and Tom Slick, all in the same afternoon at Jay Ward Studios. He also wrote the theme music for Let’s Make a Deal, and was the voice of Mr. Ed the Talking Horse. Sometime in the late 50s, Allman released an album of songs he thought might be appropriate for modern living in the 21st century, all sung in an overly sincere baritone and accompanied by Spanish pop guitar. Apparently, Allman thought we would be dating humanoid androids, doing a lot of math, dealing with schizophrenia, and crawling out from under space junk by now. The MP3s will be taken down April 30th – get ’em while they’re still irrelevant.

We met once as I recall
I gave her my close attention
When she came walking through my wall
She’s the girl from the fourth dimension
One kiss and my toes were curled.

Thanks mneptok

Music: Sheldon Allman :: Univac and the Humanoid

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