Windows greps

Amazing results of grep searches through recently surfaced (partial) Windows source code. Of special note: References to Windows users and other MS programmers as “idiots,” open acknowledgment of lots of “ugly hacks” and “dangerous” bugs and of certain functions being “total bullsh*t.”

Music: The Kinks :: Where Are They Now?

2 Replies to “Windows greps”

  1. I really suspect you’re going to see this sort of thing in any large organization doing programming. It’s like writing on your own wall before you put wallboard up and entomb it forever. It’s a private joke you’ll share with someone in the distant future who works on your house or touches your code. I don’t see that it’s all that important, except to point up that perhaps the Microsoft OS folks and app folks aren’t as tight as the court case against Microsoft suggested.


  2. Addendum: This kind of thing is nothing new. In Hatchepsut’s tomb there are some fairly explicit bits of graffiti of the female Pharoh having sex with one of her advisors that date to the construction of the tomb. The artist had to hope nobody saw it, because at the very least one imagines his supervisor would have been displeased, and it’s not hard to imagine much, much worse happening to him. Royal heads are not always blessed with a sense of humor about their personal lives.


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