To lead a fulfilling life, one needs haiku beamed to one’s cell phone daily. Birdhouse is proud to host tinywords.com, home of a mailing list that takes advantage of the limited text capabilities of cell phones’ SMS-email gateway capabilities — haiku are perfectly suited for the size constraint. Of course you don’t need an SMS phone to sign up – any email address will work.

tinywords is the brainchild of writer and Mobile PC Magazine executive editor Dylan Tweney, whose weblog is also hosted here.

Music: Altai Hangai :: Mandukhai Khatan

2 Replies to “tinywords”

  1. Scot,
    Loved the haiku page and will be sure to sign up for daily inspiration. My class of 3rd graders in NH will enjoy some of them as well.

    Not related, but I’ve had a few days off from school whilst my intern, a talented grad student, teaches solo in my room. Discovered your dailies and I’ve had fun reading the blog, particularly the adventures of Miles and Amy. I’m a parent of two toddler girls and would have loved to have documented the same. Thanks for the logs…and all your music.

  2. Hi Dylan, I didn’t realized you were hanging out over on Scot’s servers – looking forward to the next issue ;)

    – mikepop

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