Hair On Your Own Back

I like the spams where they use banal or left-field subject lines to fool you into reading the spew. I’ve been saving some of them up. In the past week:

“Are you a junky?” = Viagra

“Do you want a bagel?” = Get plump, sexy lips in under 30 days

“Monotheism” = A harder, longer man-thing

“The pre-storm darkness” = Free cable TV

Dyslexic tendencies, sometimes with humorous consequences. Just scanning the spam box and saw one that I was sure read “Get hair on your own back!” Upon closer look, turned out to be: “Get your own hair back.”

Music: Steve Hillage :: Om Nama Shivaya

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  1. *laugh* I have to wonder if the hair growth drugs *wouldn’t* encourge the growth of body hair. I know there are differences in the hair follicles, and I don’t recall reading that in the long list of side effects for rogaine and its ilk, but I still wonder. The idea amuses me greatly, obviously.


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