Mr. Bling Bling

blingbling_thumb.jpgA few months ago Amy and I sat next to a kid on the train who was flashing a mouthful of new gold teeth. Nice kid, but it was his chompers that really made the impression. Later we got to wondering where you go to find a dentist willing to put gold caps on your teeth

Just found out you don’t need a dentist at all. You need Mr. Bling Bling. He’s in the El Cerrito Plaza, in a small shop sandwiched between H&R Block and Sheila’s Nail Salon. $40/cap. Life is good.

We’ve also seen gold stars embedded in the enamel. According to Mr. Bling Bling’s poster, you can go all the way and get a mouth full of diamond-encrusted fangs, if that’s what turns your crank. Serious bling bling. Pix at

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8 Replies to “Mr. Bling Bling”

  1. There’s another Mr. Bling Bling?!

    There’s at least one more. In SF at Geary and Fillmore.

  2. In the words of Mike Jones “Every time my mouth open up notin but platinum,princess cuts.” Or somethin like that. Oh and there is another Mr.Bling Bling in Fairfield,CA and Las Vegas,NV. So there isnt just one.

  3. theres a lightweight new one in richmond on san pablo and vale next to subway close by doctors medical

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