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Just wanted to say Happy New Year to all birdhouse readers, and to thank you for all of your comments in 2003. You’ve helped keep birdhouse interesting (I hope!) and the debate open. I can’t respond to all comments, but I do read and chew on everything that gets posted.

Comment of the Year (sorry, no prize involved :) goes to Chris Tweney for his notes on the post Dean Gets It. Excerpt:

–by massive public relations efforts – in Manufacturing Consent Chomsky and Herman point out that the Air Force, just one branch of the military, has a PR budget greater than that of all independent activist organizations put together. The “Mighty Wurlitzer” of the right, the talk-radio and fax/email/mail machine, is part of this.

Of course, if I had kept better track, there would be about two dozen Comments of the Year. Thanks everyone. Best wishes for a groovy ’04.

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6 Replies to “Comment of the Year”

  1. I’ll bet I have a greater PR budget than all independent activist organizations combined, as those organizations are non-profits and usually don’t set budgets. But why let facts stand in the way of good diatribe?

  2. Mnep, why wouldn’t a non-profit set a budget? Being non-profit doesn’t mean you don’t earn money — it’s just that you use that money to support your cause rather than to keep. I don’t see any facts in the way of anything.

  3. What in the world makes you think non-profits don’t set budgets? They have to file with the IRS to prove they’re deserving of tax-exempt status if they claim it (or to file taxes if they don’t). Most of them prepare annual reports comparable to those corporations prepare. Their budgets might change based on real donations not matching projections, but if you change “donations” to “revenue” that’s exactly what a for-profit corporation does.

    Why let facts stand in the way of a good diatribe, indeed.

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