Pet Kitty Gentle


Miles has learned to “pet kitty gentle,” which means Plato now lets Miles approach. Unbelievable patience on the part of the cat. Yesterday Miles walked up to Plato, who was lounging on the couch, petted him a few times, then took the pacifier from his mouth and tried to stick it in Plato’s mouth. Kitty was not interested and ran away, but I can’t help but think he appreciated the magnanimous gesture. I know I would have.

Pictured: Climbed up on the chair himself!

Music: Tom Tom Club :: L’elephant

4 Replies to “Pet Kitty Gentle”

  1. WTG, Miles! sharing with ‘his boys’ (even if it’s just Plato for now), and doing stuff on his own -the essence of man.

    gee… he’s growing fast, Scot. :o)

  2. Heh… out cat Poppy wouldn’t let Rowan go near her (Rowan was already about three when we got Poppy), but she was always fine with Lola (who Poppy knew from birth) even though Lola would treat her rather roughly sometimes (I guess Poppy knew her heart was in the right place).

  3. Kids looks healthy. Not dead or battered (or even lightly salted). Learning to treat animals with respect.

    I’d say the parents & kid both deserve a raise!

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