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LiveJournal has posted some recently updated stats, showing that of their 1.5 million registered users, about half are in some way actively posting / blogging on the LJ system. What surprised me most though is that users are 63% female, 36% male, and are overwhelmingly teenagers. Which in part explains why I always felt a bit adrift in the LJ community – it’s comprised primarily of 18-year-old girls. Of course there are tens of thousands of adults there as well, and it was with them that I formed community bonds, so I wasn’t really aware of the demographic skew toward teenagers at the time.

As many limitations as LJ has, it remains the only major blogging service with genuine threaded discussions, and the only service that makes sure that commenters see responses to their comments via email. These two features result in discussion activity that eclipses what you see on any other blogging system.

We’ll see what surprises the long-promised MT Pro has in store. So far… vapor.

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