Sod rollingLast weekend started crunching away at the back yard, which has looked like a lunar landscape, preparing to lay sod. Saturday a.m. spent a couple more hours tweaking, then broke the cycle of infinite revision and added topsoil, fertilizer, rolled, and layed down 96 chunks of sod (images). By 3:30 we had a whole new back yard, amazing. In two weeks it’ll be usable, won’t be a mud factory, erosion center, eyesore.

Rarely does a project at home or work take less effort or time than expected. I thought this one would go all weekend, but the work went like buttah.

Let the “sod” jokes begin.

Music: Mercury Rev :: Pick Up If You’re There

4 Replies to “Sod”

  1. sooooo Scot… you only took the pictures? No wonder you were amazed it didn’t take much work :)

    Just teasing, the backyard looks great :)

  2. LOL, I was wondering whether someone would think that from looking at the pix :). Usually Amy is the photog, so there are seldom shots of her. I decided to try and reverse that this time.

  3. Scot, looks great. Isn’t sod wonderfull?? Cant wait to roll on it naked. I guess now would be a great time for a sod joke huh?

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