Miles One-Year Images, Cat Door

Hard to believe Miles is one year old already. Actually his birthday was back in September, but he was sick on the big day. We had a small party a week later. Now he’s on the brink of talking, is eating solid food and feeding himself (with hands, and working on spoons) and is into everything (everything). In this set, Miles goes hiking, takes a trip to Minnesota and meets all his cousins, sweeps like crazy, learns sign language, plays with hoses, wears Chinese silk, and toilet papers the house.

Also: Miles loves to push toys through the cat door. One day he decided he could follow his things right on through, but misjudged his hip girth by a couple of sizes and… No child labor laws were violated in the making of this short. Miles Stuck in the Cat Door.

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  1. livejournal must have updated something because now syndicated entries are presented in their entirety instead of being truncated after so many characters.

    that just makes it so much easier to read your blog. now, if only the comment link on LJ would post here…

  2. Tyler, the excerpt field in MT is used for RSS fields. If no excerpt field is present, x many words of the entry are used instead. I seldom use the excerpt entry, but did with this one because it was sent out via email “notifications” as well. That would account for the difference.

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  4. Scott,

    If you’re the guy from Morro Bay High that used to pal around with Ethan Ericson, Robin LaVine, et al, please drop a line and say hello.


  5. O, that Miles — he cute! And I truly enjoyed Amy taking the long way around to check out how Miles and the cat door were interacting, or was that intersecting? “No no noooo”

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