Laying down newspaper to varnish some trim yesterday, found half an article on the recent Sex Pistols’ reunion.

“… the night never pretended to be anything more than a greatest-hits cavalcade.”

Ack, where’s the other half? SFGate to the rescue.

The real Sex Pistols met their Goetterdaemmerung with open arms on a spit- soaked Winterland stage in 1978. The embalmed facsimile that played San Francisco on Wednesday as part of its second blighted reunion tour (the first was in 1996) barely qualified as an homage.

Sounds painful. Almost glad I missed it. “”Ever get the feeling you’ve just been cheated?”

Music: The Carter Family :: No More The Moon Shines On Lorena

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  1. Judging from the article, I’d say that you’re definitely glad that you missed it. I’m all for preserving the spirit of Punk even (and especially) in our days, but a concert like that has the distinctive vibe of a sentimental reunion.

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