Be Settles Suit with Microsoft

Raise your hand if you sold all your BEOS stock when things became hopeless. If you kept it until March 15, 2002, you may be paddling a new canoe this Fall. Microsoft just agreed to pay Be $23,250,000 and “admit no wrongdoing” to put the lingering lawsuit to bed forever. The spoils go to those who held Be stock after March 15.

In case you missed all the fun, this is the sort of wrongdoing to which Microsoft is not admitting, but for the sin of which it has ultimately agreed to pay.

Former Be exec Frank Boosman has more.

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7 Replies to “Be Settles Suit with Microsoft”

  1. Cool! I have a single share of Be, Inc. stock that I purchased from Oneshare as a souvenir. Wonder what I’ll get ;)

  2. I won’t discuss the monetary aspect of the settlement, but I will say one thing, about that bit where MS says that it admits no wrongdoing… WHAT A LOAD OF C*** (this is a family site). MS has been wrongdoing since very early in it’s history.

    And once again, they get away with it… the wonders of money… *sigh*…

  3. I still have all my shares but still, I doubt that there will be much coming out of it. I mean they need to settle some other costs first, so I am not sure if there will be anything left for second rate share holders, after paying the bigger people. But it would be fun if I get a few $, just for the feeling of it :)

  4. Well, at least it’s finally over and there’s some closure. While on the one hand it’s good to see the stockholders who invested in Be finally get something for their faith besides yet another screwing (IMHO Be switching to BeIE after the IPO was the first one). On the other hand I’d really have liked to see them spend the money to accomplish *something* against Microsoft. On the other hand they’re not sending me money, so it’s easy for me to say that.

    In the end… it’s over. For that at least I’m grateful.


  5. Hey Mike, i saw that on eBay, cute :) Miss BeDope!

    I still get misty eyed (so to speak) when i look at a jpeg i have on my PC. Outside pic of Be’s HQ, on the window there’s a banner taped to it saying “Goodbye Be, it was great being” *snif*

    Was the last day there…

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