Miles Month 9 Photos

miles_cables.jpg In the month 9 gallery, Miles learns to crawl, cruise, and then walk. We move into a new house and Miles digs it. Going to the zoo, trip to Arcata, stealing keys, messing with cables, and cuteness coming out our ears. This is a big gallery — 32 photos in two sets.

And now the mimicry has begun – he wants to do everything we do. If Amy cleans something up, he takes a hunk of cloth and wipes things at random. If I drive a toy car up his arm, he returns the favor. And Amy and Paula swear that when Paula said Hi to Miles yesteday, he said Hi right back.

Music: Miles Davis :: Budo

2 Replies to “Miles Month 9 Photos”

  1. Man, what great photos! I esp. liked “Zzzzz” in the first set :) Is there anything nicer than your baby boy sleeping peacefully next to you ? I still love it when my 6-yr old stumbles into the bedroom on a weekend morning, climbs into bed, and conks out next to us.

    Lord, don’t show me anything sweeter than that, or I might just die of joy…

  2. I poked around Miles’ homepage — loved the Pregnancy Morph, with the 2001 Space Odyssey riff. Star Child!

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