Lonely Lights

It’s a small thing, but it took me by surprise — I’ve run a web server of some flavor from home for the past five years. Now that the box is in a colo, the router lights at home stay solid most of the time — no activity. I wasn’t even aware of it, but I had subconsciously learned to see those lights in my peripheral vision, to be subtly aware of the stream of visitors — the network of unknown friends blinking into and out of the office. Strange, but it feels a little bit lonely tonight in here.

Music: Marion Brown Quartet :: Capricorn Moon

One Reply to “Lonely Lights”

  1. While you may feel lonely, just know that we’re still out here. And thanks to my MacWorld subscription, I know you exist in the first place. ;)

    On the bright side, at least you’re saving a little on the electric bill.

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