Fly Me To NY

Just got a msg from MacWorld Creative Pro Conference and Expo confirming that I would be doing my “set up OS X as PHP/MySQL development rig” dog and pony show in NY City on Tuesday 15. Whaaaa???!!! First I’ve heard. But they’ve even set up a web page describing my presentation. Seems they’ve simply mirrored the lineup from MacWorld SF from last January. Hmmm…. I wouldn’t mind a trip to NY, especially if they’ll pay travel and lodging, and I definitely wouldn’t mind doing another MacWorld. But I doubt they’ll pay anything — perqs most likely limited to a free conf pass.

Blows my mind that the first I hear of this is two weeks prior to the event, and that they set up the whole thing without even inviting me. Sure, I’ll drop job, house and home, let Amy take care of Miles alone, and spend money we don’t have on travel and board just for the ego stroke. Happy to help!

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  1. mmmmmmmm.. at least they thought of you.. :)

    Seriously… is that what they call professional work? If so… they have to revise their procedures. And if you don’t go, people who were expecting your presentation will blame you, not them, surely…

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