Miles Walks… And Etc.

Miles has exploded on the scene. Two months ago he started standing up while holding onto things. A couple of weeks ago he started skipping the props and standing on his own. And yesterday he took his first step. Not a big daddy step, just a wee step followed by a crash, but it was a step. By the end of today he could take several small steps in a row. Pictured here as a mighty Teamster with industrial lunchbox and coveralls heading off to build skyscrapers.

He seems better at lifting one foot than the other, and sometimes walks in a semi-circle. Nine months old and already wallking. We’ve got our hands full. Amy was in the shower today and he crawled in to join her, clothes and all. Just looked up at her, “In case you were wondering where I was, well, here I am!”

A few months ago the game was for me to try and build a neutron tower faster than he could crawl over and knock it down. Now the game is that I build the tower sans cherry and he “walks” over and puts the little red cup on top (only his coordination is kind of gross — he tries to place it gently but whacks too hard, knocking it down by accident — that’s okay, it’s all fun).

Miles can pull toilet paper off the roll and eat it. Miles can steal keys off tables. Miles can change channels with the remote and can go to Picture In Picture mode (we hate that). Miles can pull turds out of the cat box (which is now safely out of reach). Miles can pull items off the shelves at the hardware store from his perch in the trolley.

You try moving into a new house with a Tasmanian Cutey Pie Tornado!

Delay on assembling the nine-month gallery until my server finds its way back home.

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  1. Very VERY cute indeed is Miles :) I’m surrounded by babies… my niece, friend’s daughter, another friend’s son (whom i visited yesterday), another friend’s daughter… a friend who is close to giving birth… SPRRRRIIIINNNNGGG!! :)

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