Color Like the Wind!

milesbutt.thumb.jpgAmy and Miles wanted to color me a card for my first Father’s Day, but Miles isn’t quite ready for that. “Color like the wind!” Amy told him, trying to get the job done before I woke up. But he had never held a crayon before. He chewed on it for a while and then flung it aside. Repeat for each color in the box.

Installed Gallery last night, both for birdhouse use and for, then made a little gallery of images of my brother, dad, miles and myself for father’s day.

Miles is a nut.
He has a rubber butt.
And every time he turns around
He goes putt-putt.

Music: Ozric Tentacles :: A Gift Of Wings

5 Replies to “Color Like the Wind!”

  1. so what do you think of Gallery?

    I’ve been using it for a while and it’s a pretty good photo gallery manager (especially when you consider the price!)

    I only have 2 gripes:

    1) image uploading and gallery creation can be a bit daunting for newcomers. I set up gallery on a family website, but none of my relatives can figure out how to post new images. As a result, everyone ends up emailing the photos to me

    2) I wish I had more control over the gallery layouts. As of yet, I’ve been unsuccessful in my attempts to convert my gallery site to use CSS instead of tables to control the layouts.

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about swapping tables for CSS in this case – the info being presented is basically tabular in nature, and tables are still meant for tabular data (althought it would make sense to have the overall page layout be CSS and float a table in the middle for images/captions. I haven’t looked yet at trying to modify the templates.

    I did hit a snag trying to upload entire directories of images from Safari – it just fails.

    Overall I’m very impressed though – they’ve really done a bangup job with it. Looking forward to the 2.0 codebase under development.

  3. 2.0 does have an impressive feature list — including a more formal template engine to control layouts. The current templates only allow you to control what goes around the image tables (headers, footers, etc.), but not the tables themselves.

    I’m also eager to see what Ben and Mena do with TypePad – the screenshots of the photo gallery/photolog tools looks very enticing.

  4. /me smacks self in head

    Baby bumper stickers! Why didn’t *I* think of that! ;)

    Reminds me of the time when my son was about 14 months old and my Mom made him a sash and took his picture as the Baby New Year on Jan. 1…

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