Xserve en Route

Christmas in June: Found out today there’s a very high chance I’ll soon be able to replace the Win2K server that runs the J-School with an Xserve. Possibly dual. I’m floating on this news. Getting very tired of the tools I want to use not working properly with Windows (e.g. the bad netpbm port to Windows just hung up my attempt to get Gallery installed, and the search engine I want to deploy is only free if you aren’t serving from Windows), and even more tired of Windows consuming itself. It’s appropriate for rock stars to choke on their own vomit — it isn’t appropriate for operating systems. The Xserve will integrate with our systems much more smoothly, and I’ll be able to sleep better at night (like Miles has nothing to do with that :). The conversion should be a great summer project … as if I had a shortage of summer projects.

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  1. I was looking around for comments on FreeBSD installers (which lead me to http://www.blog.birdhouse.org/archives/000048.php) and I came across this comment in your blog.

    Sorry to hear that you’re having issues getting Gallery working on Windows. I hope that you’re asking questions in the Gallery forums, ’cause we do make an effort to answer every single quetsion.

    In your particular case, if you’re having issues getting NetPBM working on Windows I suggest that you give ImageMagick a shot because it’s proven to be a little more reliable on Windows. Of course, a sexy Xserve is going to solve that problem once and for all :-)

  2. I’m jealous. I’d love to get my hands on an Xserve and I wish that more people would consider Apple as an alternative to Big W.

  3. People have a lot of notions about MacOS left over from MacOS 9, so it takes some effort to break down the old stereotypes. And there’s a generally true belief that Macs are more expensive than PCs, which does not hold true at all in the server space – the Xserves are very competitively priced with offerings from HP, Sun, Compaq, etc. If you don’t have Macs in your organization to serve, it’s perfectly integrated with Windows and Unix networks and is a great deal. If you do have Macs and want to take advantage of extra features like NetBoot, it’s an ubeatable deal (the intro model is $2800).

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