After the recent mugging in front of our house, I was talking to our Renaissance Faire (“renfaire” ?) geek neighbor about what we could do as a neighborhood. His response:

“We have ways of dealing with this. We’ll just get nine guys in full leathers and broadswords to do some rehearsing in broad daylight. That’ll scare ’em off.”

This was a grown man talking. I kid you not.

Music: DJ Shadow :: Stem-Long Stem

6 Replies to “Broadswords”

  1. This might work: it reminds me of the Steve Martin routine about repelling muggers by throwing up on yourself.

  2. Don’t be too quick to reject this idea. Never underestimate the power of large, pointy, sharp things being waved about by a group of burly guys ;->

    Besides, these SCA-types need the practice anyway…

  3. Well, given California’s gun laws, swords are probably the best tools you can have for the job at this point. On the other hand my feeling has always been that if I think I need better protection than my sword in my house (razor sharp straight bladed katana, thanks) I should probably just move before I contemplate a gun.


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