Winged Migration

Saw Winged Migration with Mike tonight. 90 minutes of footage of birds migrating (some up to 12,000 miles, North pole to South), shot from radio-controlled planes, balloons, gliders — they get right in there alongside the birds and come up with stunning footage nobody has ever seen before. I mean, we’ve seen birds migrating, but not from their perspective, not from within the flock. To get a camera up there and to have it accepted as if it were another bird, to experience the pace of flight, the view of land mass from that particular height… breathtaking. No special effects, it is claimed at the outset. Four years in the making — an experience. See this in a theatre, not as a rental. And forgive it the often Enya-like soundtrack.

Update: Discovered later that Matthew and Lila were in the audience with us that night. It was Lila’s first trip to the movies, and it would have been our last chance to see Matthew alive. 12 hours later he would be dead.

Music: Ennio Morricone :: Of Sacco and Vanzenetti

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