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Mena Trott sent out info today (no URL) on how development of TypePad is going to affect existing Movable Type users. Roughly, they’re shooting for 100% API compatibility, which means existing posting tools will continue to work, plugins should work with either service, etc. I might have missed it in the past few weeks, but screenshots of the coming service are now up on the TypePad site, and looking dynamite. Integrated photo albums even. Wish I could have covered the service in the MacWorld blogging article I turned in a few weeks ago (look for it in the July issue).

Update: According to a post of Mena’s all TypePad entries will be rendered purely in buttons.

Speaking of MacWorld, recently learned that my article for them on setting up OS X as a PHP/MySQL rig won a regional ASPBE award for Best How-To article. Official announcement June 12.

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