Had our home inspection this morning. Four hours poring over every little detail with a fine-tooth comb. Like wearing X-ray Specs, seeing the place from an angle you never see at an open house — couldn’t believe how much there is to look for that you don’t know to look for if you never looked for it before. How are these gutters mounted? Where does this mystery pipe lead? How are the steps supported? Any sprinklers clogged? Does the hood over the stove actually blow smoke? And so on… Didn’t know toilet tank lids have dates stamped inside — usually the best way to date a house (one of ours stamped ’42, the other ’47 — probably the original owner had to wait for the war to end to install a 2nd bath).

Hands and knees and into the crawlspace to check the foundation, slither on belly, head full of spiderwebs to see foundation etc.

Short story: No showstoppers, but enough projects revealed themselves to last a year of weekend DIY.

Music: Marc Bolan and T.Rex :: One Inch Rock

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