In Debt for Life


… and … soooo …. Amy and I won the bid (six offers) and bought a house! (the El Cerrito one). We’re homeowners. In debt for life. Legitimate grown-ups. Excited and nervous. Hell of a day. More later.

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  1. Congratulations. There must be some kind of astrological assistance at work here: 2 people in my office also had their bids on houses accepted this week!

  2. Congratulations (I think ;) From the picture it looks like a pretty little place. Enjoy your sojourn in “June and Ward Cleaver land” ;)

    /me waves at Scot from N. Texas suburbia…

  3. Congratulations. Hope it works out in the inspection and financial ends. Home ownership is weird. It’s got some enormous plusses (no, I want the walls mauve, they get painted mauve!) but at the same time, you get used to your landlord fixing stuff. Well, to quote my sweety, we have met the landlord, and they is us.

    Enjoy. :)

  4. Congrats, you guys! I’m happy to hear you got the house. And you made a good choice. El Cerrito is not exactly remote suburbia, and with a wee one you’ll be much happier in a house that has some space, and doesn’t need a huge amount of maintenance and remodeling. You’re going to have fun!


  5. Don’t kid yourself dad…home ownership is really just renting from the REAL owner; the bank. Regardless, congrats (on both home and Miles)! See you at the MBHS 20th?

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