Kite Day

In the middle of the conference, had the good fortune to be invited out with a video crew to interview professor Charles Benton and his giant kites (I posted about Kite Aeriel Photography a couple weeks ago). Unfortunately almost zero wind today. “The kite always goes up,” Charlie said. And it was true, the kites went up despite seemingly still air. 14′ wingspan on one of them — though it weighed only two pounds — carbon fiber and sheer dakron. But couldn’t get enough lift to get a camera more than 15′ off the ground… just wouldn’t happen, apparently a rarity. Didn’t matter though — he was fascinating to be around — observations on architecture intertwined with his kite love. A man with eyes on stalks. Someday I’m going to hang a camera from a kite with Miles…

We were flying from Memorial Grove, to the side of the Campanile. Charles pointed out this incredible fly-around QuickTime (38MBs) by Paul Debevec. You always see and hear about how the cinematic techniques used in The Matrix changed the face of action flicks; now you can see where those techniques originated. I ride by The Campanile on my to work each morning, will never see it quite the same way.

Music: Ray Anderson :: Cape Horn

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  1. To cool.

    While flying a kite about 5 years ago, the string broke and it landed square in the middle of the folk’s next door at the lake. Later that night I penned into my book of “idea’s” KITE KAM.

    I envisioned watching all the going’s on at the lake. Now with 802.x, and being a good little wireless guru, I read your article and am so glad Mr Benton is seeing it thru.

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