Spinning His Wheels

Had to do a double-take just now to digest a car sitting at a stoplight — its wheels spinning though the car was not moving. But it wasn’t burning rubber — spokes merely rotating around the hub with the tire planted firmly on the ground. Some specially rigged, motorized hub magic. Really does a number on your senses. Is this “a thing?”

Music: Roots Radics :: The Death Of Mr. Spock

3 Replies to “Spinning His Wheels”

  1. I am not sure if it is motorized or just working on inertia…. I saw some magic ball-bearing spinning hubs on the telly, and if they were good bearings they could spin at a light for quite awhile.

  2. I saw these too, I think they were on the last episode of Monster Garage that I watched (when the team and Jessie finally pissed me off – the one where they built the wedding chapel in an SUV). The ones I’ve seen (on tv) were inertia driven. Personally I think having rotary noise from each wheel while standing still would drive me nuts. On the other hand my new bug doesn’t even have wheel covers, so it’s very much a moot point. -Jim

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