Kite Aeriel Photography

When a friend recently mentioned Kite Aeriel Photography, I assumed she was talking about hang gliders with cameras, but turns out there’s a whole subculture of people who hang cameras from standard or specialized kites and shoot the earth from unusual heights and angles. I think what makes these images so stunning is that they offer a view you almost never get to see – higher than people and most buildings, but lower than than helicopters and airplanes, able to squeak into spaces aircraft can’t go, able to hover.

The equipment is cool too. Some very creative solutions – cheap cameras with rubber band mounting systems and Silly Putty timers…. other rigs cost thousands and are used for pro applications.

These 1944 bomb craters are surreal. Check one guy’s self portrait. KAP photogs even have their own magazine (talk about niche publishing).

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2 Replies to “Kite Aeriel Photography”

  1. Wow. Wish I had a few moments right now to see more, but the surface scratching has really impressed me. That’s a really cool idea.

    Saw not too long ago somewhere some video taken from cameras mounted on model rockets. That’s very cool too.

  2. oooo – you should read a R/C plane magazine some time. bill’s gotten into that lately. lots of phot stuff and spy stuff i think. kinda a hobbyist UMA spybot kinda thing i think…

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