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What the… ?


Why has iSync got its fingers in Safari’s bookmarks? Don’t see any evidence of them on my iDisk, iPod, or in iCal. Theories?

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  1. You didn’t install some ‘dodgy’ piece of software that supports synchronizing bookmarks through iSync did you ? I seem to recall seeing mention of such an app recently – perhaps MacCentral, or MacDevCenter (possibly on MacSlash)

  2. Funny, same thing’s happening to me, and I haven’t installed anything sync-related other than Palm Desktop and the iSync Palm Conduit. If that has something to do with Safari bookmarks, I’m confused.

  3. same thing happened to me. it made me feel creeped out, and with apple’s impending music “service” i think spyware and DRM may be inching into apple country.

    since i don’t use it, i just trashed isync altogether.

  4. Me too… Maybe they are putting them on .Mac for backup… Having your bookmark’s in sync on several computers would be nice.

  5. i would LOVE a cross-platform/cross browser/cross location bookmark list. something along the lines of what IMAP does for mail, i want for my bookmarks. was HOPING iSync would offer something like that. just hope it works.

  6. They might build a adtabase of most visited site in order to speed up Safari for those sites.

    Thanks for the info anyway. One good reason to stick with camino.

  7. Ludovic, I don’t mean to sound like I’m flagging this is as a problem or something to be watched out for — I just want to get to the bottom of it.

  8. I’m glad to have some confirmation that this is happening to others. I blogged about it here on the 14th, and have only heard that it isn’t happening.

    I’ve not installed anything odd, and when the dialog pops up (at irregular intervals, though always when I’m doing something to bookmarks) iSynch is not running. Nor is a file added or modified as far as I can tell on my .Mac directory.

    So I’m curious.

  9. It has happened to me & I don’t have iSync installed. If it’s spyware it’s bye-bye Safari.

  10. Not sure I understand the implications or fears that this might be some kind of spyware. Why would Apple care what bookmarks you have? And beyond that, do you REALLY think a company like Apple would try something like that? There could be no greater recipe for a PR disaster. Forgive my bluntness, but this strikes me as a somewhat paranoid reaction.

  11. It’s a requested feature as far as I know. I would like my bookmarks “synced” accross multiple computers by iSync and did request this feature at MacWorld in SF.

  12. heres a thought: Offline webbrowsing via isync on a device. like the existing ipod and/or new hardware product.

  13. This happened to me, but only after I had signed up to try .Mac via the free trial. I think .Mac might have something to do with it.

  14. I love how some peoples first response is “Cool! I’ve been wanting a way to sync my bookmarks across multiple computers” and others is “Apple must be spying on me, it’s back to Lynx!” You must think a lot of yourselves to believe that Apple gives a #### what you’re looking at. Get a life.

  15. Same problem. I have no .mac, and it happens when my iPod is not connected. So if it is real, what the hell is iSync synchronising with? I’m not 100% sure what the pattern is, but it only ever seems to happen if I haven’t bookmarked for a long, long time. i.e. it does not seem to be the chance collision of a regular sync task and me adding a bookmark. It seems more bug like in nature.

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  17. Looks like this party’s long over, but here are some recent comments I’ve written on the OmniWeb list:

    Anyone know if there’s work being done towards creating an “industry standard” format for bookmarks? Maybe similar to what vCard is for contact info, but using XML (like Safari)?

    Bookmark interoperability/synchronization seems destined to remain “crippled”, with various 3rd-party utilities/services (often browser and/or OS dependent) to minimize suffering, until that happens. By now this could have been something browser developers would have come to a consensus on, especially with the history of contact info snafus as an example. It’s not an enormous technical challenge. Maybe it’s simply a stubborn battle of IE-style one-per-file “favorites” vs. other all-in-one-file (HTML, XML) formats?

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