A year ago, posted about baald and his chicken head motorcycle helmet. Then recently, doing research, stumbled entirely by accident on a blog entry by a guy I knew back in Boston — Tim Anderson lived in a cramped hollow in an MIT building and built robots and 3D scanners and held amazing show and tell nights… and now apparently has turned his genius toward kiteboarding — here he is with chickenfoot foot pads and a hand-crafted chickenhead hood. That’s two chickenheads in my life, neither edible.

Music: Count Basie and His Orchestra :: Easy Money

4 Replies to “Chickenfoot”

  1. Would a chickenhead relax after chicken kiting with a pint of cock ale?

    “Take 10 gallons of ale and a large cock, the older the better; parboil the cock, flay him, and stamp him in a stone mortar until his bones are broken (you must gut him when you flaw him). Then, put the cock into two quarts of sack, and put to it five pounds of raisins of the sun – stoned; some blades of mace, and a few cloves. Put all these into a canvas bag, and a little before you find the ale has been working, put the bag and ale together in vessel.
    In a week or nine days bottle it up, fill the bottle just above the neck and give it the same time to ripen as other ale.”


  2. I read about such stuff in Charlie Papazian’s “Complete Joy of HomeBrew”. I think he said it was interesting for one sip, but not something he’d recommend making, and included a recepie only for historical purposes. As I personally have no use for five gallons of chicken flavored beer (and have grave doubts about the abilities of hops and alcohol to preserve meat protein) so I’m not inclined to try it. I have a nice batch of Irish red ale in bottles carbonating right now though. -Jim

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