The Anti-Car

Great parody of the original anti-drug site. In this version, cars and driving are cast as dangerous drugs threatening the emotional and physical health of modern teens.

I’ve been driving for 20 years. I wish I never started. It destroys your body little by little. If you’re a kid and reading this, start learning how to live car-free now, you’ll thank me later.

I work with some very pro-car people, which makes for some… interesting lunch conversations. One of my coworkers is so adamantly anti-bike that he feels they should be confined to sidewalks. I feel society should bend over backwards at every opportunity to accommodate bicycles. You can imagine how that discussion went. Let’s find out who’s right for once and for all by conducting a rigorous scientific poll, shall we?

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14 Replies to “The Anti-Car”

  1. Bikes should be confined to sidewalks. It’s far, far safer for them there. Now, having said that, IMHO it’s not a bad thing if the sidewalks are expanded until there’s no room for cars. :)

  2. Dear Ron Jr.,
    I appreciate your kind words on the beauty and meekness exhibited by the bicycler and other such peopel. I consider myself a good scientist, and thanks to you and other open-hearted people so many others have a moment more of hope.
    Sincerely yours
    John T. Schiffer Jr.

  3. Most of us have to come to terms with the ever changing world and it’s needs along with the incredible increase in road transport thus higher and higher accident levels. Although, like most forms of transport, ghost bikes – injury and death will statistically occur and perhaps bicycles using the sidewalk may be a good idea. Bicycles are a great way to help us stay healthy and fit. A bicycle is also ‘green’ friendly and, apart from excellent exercise, is a great and inexpensive way to get around.

  4. Bikes are evil! They make people dress up in uncomfortably tight clothing and wear ridiculous hats. And don’t get me started on that demonically inspired footwear – Oh NO! Only such a malevolent machine could cause otherwise right thinking people to wear such attire. It’s a disgrace! No good will come of it, you mark my words!

  5. Bicycles are all well and good. Excellent source of transportation and entertainment, but living in the country 25 miles from the nearest grocery store doesn’t make them a reasonable choice for transportation.

  6. mike your injustice is a disgrce to man kind by incinuating that clothing is more important than environment and health so please heed my words and shut your mouth

  7. i have a scooter, live in south africa, and have always hated the fact that lives are needlessly lost in a metal coffin with 4 wheels. that said, how do you get around at times when a bike is not suitable and public transport is bad? cant really see how this situation can be helped simply because people are from an early age, bred with cars always in the day to day activities. thus few question it before they too get their liscence etc… nice to find a few open-minded people with similar views , even though we are a minority and fighting a war many people dont even realise is worth fighting for. how many more must die? from oil-wars, accidents. that doesn’t make any sense to me.

  8. It’s our culture. We’ve been bred into a society where excess is right, waste is okay, and cars are needed. Appreciate the two wheeled glory of flying around cars as they choke out their owners and shield them from the surrounding beauty of the natural world. Maybe this is why the natural world no longer inspires us, the way it used to. Read “The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight” by Thom Hartmann. It will open your eyes to more than just the beauty of the bicycle. (PS-Where a patch on your saddle bag that says “Raise gas prices!” That’ll piss off your local SUV driver.)

  9. So good to see some other like-minded individuals out there, uncovering the car for what it really is: a dangerous mechanism for pseudo freedom (e.g. the “free” American going whenever and wherever they please).

    Really loved Social Chameleon’s comment–right on!

  10. I don’t see the end for cars anytime soon in the future, but if fuel prices continue to rise, hopefully more people will look to bicycles, for at least local commutes within their own communities. I live in a fairly small coastal town in Florida, and many locals here get around on bicycles, motor cycles, scooters, electric cars and golf carts, and a few smart cars have popped up lately. I have chosen to get around by bicycle, and I now rarely drive my car, only to go out of town. I enjoy by bicycle way over car transportation, but there are still way too many people, even in my small town, that rely on big car tansportation, making it dangerous for us few bicyclists. I am all for bike travel, and I am all for the expansion of bike trails, bike roads, bike overpasses, bike lanes, and anything else that will accommodate bicycling.

  11. I must say the word selection used for most of these polls on this website are biased. Society does not ‘bend over backwards’ for bikers, that is a stupid comment…. a surveys wording can affect peoples answers if you care…… which I doubt.

  12. Jo – I know society doesn’t bend over backwards for bikes. The question being asked is whether they should. Obviously I think society should (cars are the problem, bikes are the solution – every car should be grateful for every bike for making life for all of us that much better).

    I don’t pretend to post unbiased polls. They are what they are.

  13. vehicular cyclist have a place in the transportation mix but they need to be required to have an operator permit,be tested for skills, and have a license plate like a car or motorcycle so you and ticket them and finally they need liability insurance for the damage they cause.

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