Ron Jr. Speaks

Responding to suggestions that Dubya’s administration is more an extension of the Reagan cabinet than of his own daddy’s admin, Reagan’s son Ron Jr. says “My father crapped bigger ones than George Bush.” Such eloquence, such a lovely homage to history and family pride.

What I hate about the thought of war being a permanent human condition is that it forces me to think of it as normal, and I don’t want to.

A bit after the fact now, but the Iraqi Information Minister‘s spinning made Bill O’Reilly’s look like child’s play, and put Steve Jobs’ reality distortion field to shame.

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2 Replies to “Ron Jr. Speaks”

  1. war
    not a permanent condition
    but a tendency needed to be
    overcome at all times.

    we’re violent even in our thoughts.
    how to transform that
    w/out being weak or complacent.

  2. Thanks for the link to “The Roots of War by
    Barbara Ehrenreich”

    I enjoyed that quite alot.


    “Fear is the mother of violence
    making me tense to watch the way she breed
    no self defense is all you need” – Gabriel


    “It would be far better to think of war as
    something external to ourselves, something
    which has to be uprooted, everywhere, down
    to the last weapon and bellicose pageant.

    The “epidemicity” of war has one other clear
    implication: War cannot be used as a means to
    prevent or abolish war. True, for some time to
    come, urgent threats from other heavily armed
    states will require at least the threat of armed
    force in response.”

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